Discuss 3. In the section called Modernism Abroad and On N

Discuss 3. In the section called ‘Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds,’ the editors say that ‘[m]any writers chose to identify themselves with the American scene and to root their work in specific regions’ of the country (D: 17). Discuss at least three poems or short stories (fiction) by three different authors that chose to focus on a particular part of the United States. In your paper, you should show how these writers combine modernism and regionalism. Again, you may wish to use quotations from this introductory material, but you should also use quotations from the literature (poems or stories) themselves. (Note: Usually ‘specific regions’ means parts of the U. S. away from urban literary centers–the West, Midwest, South, New England, etc.) This section includes many examples of writers who fit into this category (see D: 17). General Instructions: Write an essay of at least 750 words (including quotations from the reading selections that you use as support) on ONE of the numbered topics below. If you use secondary sources in your response (even those I have provided for you), be sure to cite them in the text of the paper, using MLA format for in-text citations. You will also need a works cited list if you use secondary sources. Quotations from the textbook require only a page number. You should choose different poems or short stories than those you used in your reading responses for Volume D. The supporting examples should be by different authors.

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