This assignment will be in the form of a short research paper. For those of you who have not done a short research paper, I will give you a topic question or issue. It is your job to conduct your own research on it within the parameters of the topic question or issue and provide your own educated opinion on it. The topic for this assignment is Stop, Question, and Frisk. Review all the material in the Stop & Frisk attached to this assignment found in the content folder. Discuss what you think are the pros and cons of stop, question, and possibly frisk, especially as it pertains in NYC. Do you think it is effective in stopping crime? Have you ever been personally stopped? Do you know someone who was stopped? What was the interaction like? Do you think it is useful? Please ground your discussion based on ACADEMIC FACTS AND SOURCES. Of course, you may include your own personal opinion, but your opinion should be educated. Do not simply state: “I think stop and frisk is bad because cops are corrupt and stop whoever they want, especially black people.” That demeans the procedure as well as the decision made by the Supreme Court judges who decided it was lawful for police officers to utilize stop, question, and frisk. Feel free to use outside sources that were not listed in the course work. When preparing your research, consider defining what stop, question, and frisk is. Use the resources provided. Review the history of the use of SQF, as well as the Court ruling on the matter. What gives police the power? Is it used properly? Can you find cases in which officers properly used it towards a noble-cause? Can you come up with some scenarios of your own? What is your opinion on the matter? Should it be used? Note that in the past year, the amount of use of SQF has dropped dramatically. Can you correlate that drop of SQF with the crime patters in NYC? This research paper should be at least three to four pages, Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Be mindful of simply repeating or copying text that you read – review the plagiarism policy listed in the course information section of Blackboard. Furthermore, if you do cite sources, be sure to cite them using proper APA format and include a References section, which does not count towards the page count. Unlike the response paper, the way you organize this paper is up to you. However, I suggest the following structure: Summary: Summarize the issue at hand; define stop, question, and frisk. Describe the court ruling that it is based on, and how it is used by police. 10 points Thesis: Your opinion on the issue – do you believe that SQF is a useful tactic? Is its use inherently corrupt? Or is it a necessary tool for officer/community safety? 5 points Content: Give AT LEAST three examples to support your thesis. You may do this in a number of ways. For example, you may provide statistical support to show that SQF has done nothing to decrease crime rates (BE CAREFUL when discussing causation and correlation here…). Or, you may provide real-life or hypothesized scenarios in which SQF may or may not be useful in a violent crime or life-threatening situation. Ultimately, ground your examples and supporting arguments on the framework of noble-cause corruption. In other words, base your support on whether the use of SQF is inherently corrupt. 50 points Grammar/Structure – Please write in full sentences, check your spelling and grammar, and utilize the writing center if you need to. I will say it here: I am a stickler for grammar and coherence. Please pay attention to what you write! – 15 points Conclusion – Summarize and conclude your response. Redefine and show that you understand what noble-cause corruption is. Show how your examples support your thesis. Do not introduce new arguments here. – 10 points

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