Managerial research and analysis paper about Disney film industry.
No introduction or conclusion needed, treat them as body paragraphs. ;

SWOT ANALYSIS (Present a rich SWOT. ALL factors, news, and information presented in your environmental analysis should translate into SWOT items.) Strengths: (use bullets to list entries) Weaknesses: (use bullets to list entries) Opportunities: (use bullets to list entries) Threats: (use bullets to list entries)

RECOMMENDATIONS (Bullet points with one-liners. Based on your SWOT analysis, provide a rich set of recommendations for the management of this organization. Almost each 1 item entered in the SWOT analysis should translate into 1 action recommendation. Prepare a rich set of actions that would help the company emphasize and better use its strengths, overcome its weaknesses, utilize the opportunities, and dodge the threats.)

ETHICAL ISSUES (In your research, have you run into any news about ethical issues or other crises experienced by the company? How did they handle the problem? etc. Cite your sources.)

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