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 Capstone project- Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed Research project. This assignment intends to develop those skills and allow you to apply the theoretical concepts learned in this class. This assignment will help you articulate health care systems’ leadership skills and apply them in a clinical setting related to a contemporary issue in health care delivery by designing a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research design that responds to an identified health care administration need. Since for any research project IRB (Institutional Review Board/Human Subjects) approval is needed, this class will not collect data in a health care organization. Each student should select a health care administration topic that needs to be researched, design a research instrument, plan for how to collect the data, develop a process for analysis of the data, and present the research design. Each student should complete the following steps: 1. Complete and provide a written report on the following components (make sure to divide your written report into the following sections): o Research topic- Title of your research study o Statement of the problem o Purpose of the study & Type of study (quantitative, qualitative, mixed) o Limitations o State Research Question(s) o Literature Review o Cultural Issues and professional health care values applicable to your research project o Study design/Type of study/methods for validity and reliability o Methods for data collection o Methods for data analysis o Discussion and recommendations- Proposed solutions/actions o Implications for Health Care Administrators o References: At least 5 references in APA style 6th edition

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