Divorce: The Long Term Effects on Children

 Instructions The paper will cover a topic of psychology or the intersection of Christianity and a topic of psychology of your choice. The paper is designed to give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a more in-depth manner than is possible in the general class discussions of the topics presented. You are required have your research topic approved by Sunday of the first week of class to ensure it has sufficient depth and complexity to qualify for this assignment. This is an individual assessment paper designed to assist you in understanding a topic psychology and/or faith and to develop your research competencies. It is not appropriate, therefore, to work with other members of your cohort group or learning team in developing the content of this paper. All of your work should be original. It is crucial that you document all outside sources used in this paper. Your paper should include at least 4 peer reviewed journal article references in addition to scholarly resources. You should not use “pop psychology” references for your paper. “Pop psychology” references include most books written for the popular culture, such as books like, “Life Strategies,” “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” or “Boundaries.” While these books are often helpful, they are more often than not based on the writers’ experience, not scientific data. This paper is a scientific research paper to introduce you and your class to the literature in this area. Yours and other psychology texts are appropriate resources. Your paper should follow the American Psychological Association style (6th Edition). It should be a scholarly document with appropriate citations and references per APA. You must support statements made in your research with references. Adequate documentation of your sources is mandatory. Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria: (review the rubric) Format (APA style) Organization and flow Treatment of the topic (i.e., content) Spelling, grammar and the like The paper has a minimum length of 6 pages, typed in 12 point font, double-spaced (not including title page, outline, abstract, or reference page).

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