do violent lyrics cause violence

Some people believe music has become a reason for children turning to violence. Are violent lyrics making children act out violently? Then there’s the other side that say stop blaming music for violence. I believe violent lyrics can cause someone to act out violently, because songs with violent lyrics can prompt thoughts of violence. Songs that talk about shooting and killing each other can make the listener more aggressive. When rappers have a beef with one another their words can turn into a violent war and leave people hurt or dead.

According to an article called “What violent lyrics do to our children,” songs with violent lyrics make people who hear them up to four times more aggressive, a Macquarie University study has found. They completed an experiment where 200 students aged group 21 were split into groups. Half the students were exposed to violent lyrics and the other half were not exposed to violent lyrics. After listening to the lyrics they were then asked how much hot chilli sauce would they make a fellow participant eat knowing it could harm them. Those who didn’t hear the violent lyrics said they would give an average of 3. 8g a small teaspoon.

Those who were exposed to violent lyrics said they would give an average of 12. 7g of chili sauce. That’s more than a teaspoon. That shows that lyrics can make you act out in anger (Mayoh). If you heard the lyrics, you were more aggressive and if you didn’t hear the lyrics you were less aggressive. Lisa Mayoh and I believe that lyrics can make a person angry and even act out in anger. When rappers make diss songs about one another their words can turn to violence. “Chicago hip-hop war of words turns violent” according to this article Chicago’s hip-hop community is in a war of words that escalated into violence.

Leaving a teenage rapper dead, 18 year old Joseph Coleman, known as Lil Jojo in the rapping community. His death punctuated a gang related war of words and music between Jojo and a known rapper Lil Reese, who is associated with the biggest new start in Chicago hip-hop, Chief Keef. Jojo released a song online, “3hunna K’’ that mocked Reese and Keef. Soon after Jojo’s song became popular the young teen ended up being gunned down while riding a bike on the south side Englewood neighborhood(Kot). This young man’s death shows that words can cause violence. All because of this diss song he made about other rappers caused him to lose his life.

This truly shows that words can turn to violence. Of course, there’s that other side that says stop blaming music for violence. “Stop blaming the music for violence” states in 1994, two teenagers, Curtis Lee Walker and Dennis Jackson, shot and killed a Milwaukee police officer for “the fun of it”. While in court, they claimed to be influenced by the lyrics of Tupac’s song “2Pacalypse Now”. In the song Tupac talked about killing a policeman. In 1999, a shooting occurred at Columbine High School. Two seniors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and one teacher, and soon after committed suicide.

The blame of the shooting was because the boys listened to Marilyn Manson with his dark lyrics. The media failed to mention that Walker had a six-year history of drugs, burglary and weapons offenses. According to USA Today, Harris and Klebold had ‘’serious psychological problems”(Reiss). Psychologists say that Harris was a “cold-blooded, predatory psychopath”(Reiss). “I don’t believe music causes violence. Music is a good outlet for feelings. When you’re depressed you listen to sad songs; when you’re angry you listen to violent songs.

The violence is already there; the music isn’t causing it,” school Resource Officer Keith Gardner said (Reiss). I personally believe that music does cause violence. Clearly they said something was wrong with the boys, so meaning before they listened to the violent lyrics it didn’t affect them. They already had problems. Violent lyrics does not affect those who are already extremely violent. For example, if you put a 3 or 4 year old in front of Power Rangers, a television show that they have never once seen, and then give them play time it is guaranteed that they will play more aggressive with one another.

Now sit them down in front of the television again, but this time put Barney on. Give the children play time again and sure enough the children will play peacefully with each other. The point I am trying to make is since the children played roughly with each other after watching Power Rangers, Power Rangers influenced them to behave that way. Barney is a peaceful and sing along show after watching the show the children played well with one another instead of before. If television shows can cause children to act out differently, then how come music doesn’t cause people to act out violently?

Listening to lyrics that are about violence can cause the listener to act out very aggressively, or sometimes it doesn’t even faze them. Songs with violent lyrics increase aggression related thoughts and emotions and this effect is directly related to the violence in the lyrics, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association. If you were to listen to a song called “Slap A Ho” most likely after hearing the song you would want to go and slap someone. From personal experience when I was young I would watch wrestling all the time with my boy cousins. After the show went off we would always wrestle with one another.

On a regular day without watching wrestling we were at peace with each other. My point is if television can cause someone to act out in aggression then so does listening to violent lyrics. I do feel as if violent lyrics can cause someone to act out in anger; maybe it doesn’t cause someone to go out and kill someone, but it does make one aggressive. Everyone one has a different opinion about certain stands. Most people believe what i’m saying is crazy, that there is no way music can cause violence. Others and I believe that music can cause someone to act out violently and even hurt someone. It’s all up to you and what you believe is right.

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