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Let’s talk about advertising! Visit the Web site of ClickZ Network, a leading Internet marketing research firm ( (Links to an external site.)). This site contains hundreds of articles and reports on current advertising trends. Review two or three of the most current ones, and share the information you learned about at least one of the articles with the class. Tell us why you chose your article. Do you foresee any changes that might occur in the marketplace because of this new trend?

An example of an appropriate article: Link (Links to an external site.)

In an article published on August 29, 2018, I learned that influencer marketing is growing, specifically micro-influencing.  Micro-influencers can help companies reach a small target market without spending a fortune. Micro-influencers are everyday people who have gained a growing number of followers on their social accounts simply by following their interests and posting at a regular frequency. They tend to have 5000 to 50,000 followers, which is small compared to the millions of followers a celebrity may have.  For example, Google wanted to promote their new Pixelbook last year so it teamed up with The Sorry Girls, an influential duo interested in DIY crafts. The post seemed more authentic than a typical promotional campaign and the engagement led to increased sales.

You may not write about an article that a fellow student has already written about. In order to avoid this problem, be sure to read your fellow classmates’ posts before you check out the web site. INCLUDE A LINK TO THE WEB SITE. For full credit, don’t forget to thoughtfully comment on two of your classmates’ posts. Points will be deducted if the instructions for this assignments are not followed. Spelling and grammar count.

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