Question 1 [15 marks]
Does height matter in determining who wins a match? For example, are taller players more likely to win a match than younger players because they can stretch their limbs further to reach for balls? Or are shorter players quicker on their feet and more likely to win the match by chasing the ball down? Perform a hypothesis test to answer this question.
Question 2 [15 marks]
Is the higher ranked player more likely to win the match? Rankings are based on a points system. Points are allocated based on performance at prior tournaments. The further a player proceeds in a tournament (without losing), the higher the number of points awarded. So ranking may be reflective of recent match fitness leading up to the tournament. Perform a hypothesis test to answer this question.
(Please note that a higher ranked player has a smaller number for the ATP Tour ranking. So the top player in the world has an ATP Tour ranking = 1).

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