Description Content of the paper should include interesting information about current events and information of the topic. This executive summary is a summary brief about your topic and would be what is provided to your boss. However, provide depth about the topic, but keep it focused rather than broad. Think in terms of the relevance to audience of the points that you are making and why you are discussing them. In other words, what is your point? Why is the topic interesting? What is the take-away or learning points for us as an audience? Headings must be used throughout the body of the executive summary. Write in third person. Needs 3 credible sources. Only one can be from a credible website, the other two must be from two published or digital sources. Paraphrasing: No quoting except if stating a law. All of the executive summary must be paraphrased (completely written in your own words). Technically, no more than four words in consecutive order from the original source. Must have in-text citations. Create a professional-looking cover page with your name, title of paper, course name & course number, semester & year, university name, date.

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