Capella Leisure Ltd


Written by Peter Atrill Reproduced by kind permission of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Capella Leisure Ltd was formed 30 years ago by David and John Capella in order to exploit the growing demand for skiing holidays


. The Capella brothers ran the business successfully until 10 years ago when they decided to retire and sell the company. At that point, Capella Leisure Ltd became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alhena Holidays plc. Until this change of ownership, the company focused exclusively on providing package holidays from the UK to ski resorts in France, Switzerland and Italy. However, for the past 10 years it has diversified its business to include the operation of a dry ski slope centre in Wales. Dry slope skiing involves skiing on specially designed plastic matting and offers an opportunity for skiers to practise their skills when no snow is available. The parent company is dedicated to maximising shareholder wealth and views the move into dry slope skiing as a potential growth area. 

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