This is a Macroeconomics research paper on the Obama administration’s economic policies and their impacts.

You may choose to not use all of them as long as 10 are used for the final paper. Thank you for your help! References Bertoldi, M. (2011).

Response to the crises and reform: the Barack Obama’s economic policy. Retrieved 11 11, 2018, from Hilty, J. W. (2018). Obama, Barack. In S. Bronner (Ed.), Encyclopedia of American studies. MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved from Leimbigler, B., & Lammert, C. (2016). Why Health Care Reform Now? Strategic Framing and the Passage of Obamacare. Social Policy & Administration, 50(4), 467–481. Lindbeck, J. F. (2018). Government Economic Policy. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica: Richards, M. J. (2016). Regulating Automakers for Climate Change: US Reforms in Global Context. Environmental Policy & Governance, 26(6), 498–509.

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