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Task Description and Case Study Resources

This Essay is based on an EdCaN Case Study, which can be located at: follow link you will find the case study video on slide 4. Do not use paragraphs and sentences from Edcan for reference http://edcan.org.au/edcan-learning-resources/case-based-learning-resources/colorectal-cancer For the purpose of this assignment you are the Cancer Care Coordinator at the hospital where John receives his adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. John is currently receiving his last cycle of chemotherapy and you will be meeting with him to provide education with regards to his discharge and self-management planning following the end of his active treatment. What you need to do Discuss the content you would include in a Survivorship Care Plan, and outline your approaches to education and collaboration with John and his wife to develop this plan. Your plan should consider:  The recommended follow up regimen after curative treatment for colorectal cancer, having critically reviewed the available evidence.  Signs and symptoms associated with colorectal cancer recurrence.  Strategies to prevent survivorship issues that John may experience across all domains of health (including physical, psychological, social and spiritual health) after treatment for colorectal cancer.  Evidence-based communication strategies and theories of behavior change to facilitate effective education about health behaviours and promote a healthier lifestyle. Points for Consideration: The above assessment task is best addressed using the following format Use the following headings: referencing and in-text referencing (APA) should be extensively present due to 15 referencing requirement and word limitation. So please, scatter them almost after every second sentences. Introduction [100 words] Your introduction should clearly explain the context and purpose of this case study essay, as well as outline the areas covered within it. Discharge planning [400] This section should discuss John’s cancer diagnosis and treatment summary, followed by: – The recommended follow up regimen after curative treatment for colorectal cancer for John, incorporating critical discussion of available evidence Relevant referrals/clinical documentation to be provided to coordinate ongoing care Signs and symptoms associated with colorectal cancer recurrence – Collaborative approaches to education and planning for self-management [900] In the context of education and planning for self-management, this section should discuss: – Survivorship issues that John may experience across 1) physical, 2) psychological, 3) social and 4) spiritual domains of health; and at least one strategy for prevention of the identified issues. Health education to be provided as well as the communication principles and evidencebased strategies that will facilitate effective education and goal-setting. 

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