In fulfillment of your Senior Capstone, you will compile the results of your research, report, and discuss the results in a formal research paper. This paper must be 20 pages of text(this means title pages, figures, etc. do not count towards the page length requirement). During the semester, you are required to finish all research, write your final paper, and defend your research orally (which we will address in a separate document and discussion).GradingThe Rubric for the final paper will be posted in Blackboard. However, please pay attention to these generalized comments.1.Spelling/Grammar Count! You are expected to write on a senior level and show progression in your writing from draft to draft, including correcting mistakesfrom previous drafts.2.Format a.1” margins, b.Times New Roman12 pt font, including headersc.Properly cited APA parenthetical and bibliographic citations. An annotated bibliography is NOT appropriate for this paper. You must have a proper References section per APA.d.3.Sections of the Papera.Introduction/Literature Review –Does this section adequately lead into a research question? Did the author explore an adequate amount of literature? Is literature discussed that does not have anything to do with the research question? Does the review justify the need for Interdisciplinary Research?b.Results/Argument–Do the results make sense? Are they presented in a manner so that the reader understands them? Does this section leave the reader with questions? Are results left out of the paper? Is your argument sound? Do you fully explore multiple disciplinary perspectives in your argument (not merely your literature review)?c.Discussion –Does this section adequately interpret the results in terms of the research question? Does it analyze the results/argument? Does it lead into a new research question, and if so, doesthe author address such? 

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