Description Essay Number 4: Encircling (Definition): Take your splitting the second paragraph(s), and figure out which abstract concept the moment reflects, i.e., fear, faith, love, evil, goodness, piety, morality, appreciation, survival, beauty, strength, religion, sacrifice, fortitude, etc., or some other abstract term. Define that abstract term in an essay of 3-4 pages, double-spaced, typed, using at least four of the methods described in the Encircling chapter in Adios. Show how the term you are defining is used in your splitting the second work, which should be filled with line ups to make the description alive and full of tone and connotation. Splitting the second (SeeAdios): Think of a moment that took less than a minute to pass in real time and slow it down in your writing by using lots of detailed description of external and internal happenings during this short moment. It could be a near miss of an auto accident or a moment of great joy, relief, etc. You may start with your splitting the second passage or with some other Encircling technique. For instance, you may start by defining your term and tracing its etymology in theOxfordEnglish Dictionary, and explore the various associations found there or in Ambrose Bierce’sThe Enlarged Devil’s Dictionary. Then you might run the term through various stresses, differing viewpoints of the term, or find a cliché (Love is blind) about the term to bust, take apart and reformulate. You may find quotes within stories or your essays inBest American Essays,anecdotes, details or general discussion of events and themes. Pie Slicing is a form of making classifications and categorizations with the term to further define.

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