Description  Due to the challenging business conditions currently prevailing in the UK and globally, you have been approached by this large sized UK brand (Burberry) to undertake an environmental analysis and provide recommendations. – Understand fundamental theoretical concepts in the area of marketing management – Critically discuss the role of Marketing within the context of an organisation and the different business orientations that a business can adopt. – Demonstrate the impact of the macro-environmental and micro-environmental factors on marketing decisions. – Learn to utilise secondary research sources in related marketing concepts to build and back up analysis of marketing decisions and recommendations 1. Title page – coursework title, date 2. Table of Contents page 3. Introduction (introduction to the whole coursework) 4. Importance of Marketing and the marketing orientation for the brand 5. PESTLE Analysis of the Brand (for their UK operation) 6. SWOT Analysis of the Brand (for their UK operation) 7. Recommendations for the Brand (for their UK operation- based on your environmental analysis) 8. Conclusions (conclusion to the whole coursework) 9. Reference List -minimum of 10 sources (books, journals, websites etc.) 10. Appendix- optional – Application of knowledge gained from this module must be emphasised. – Your analysis must be supported with evidence (citations, quotations and referencing) – You have to use in-text citation (in report) as well as have a full reference list at the end – both in-text citation and Reference list have to follow Harvard Style of Referencing. – It is expected that you will conduct extensive secondary research to develop your coursework.

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