This is a rhetorical analysis using one of the criticisms/theories listed in the prompt below. The example the professor gave in class was “Exploring the implementation of public transportation in your city through the lens of environmental risk.” The artifact needs to be specific whether it is an excerpt from a text, scene from a tv show, scene from a movie, quote from a speech etc. I was thinking about using a text about single-use plastic bags as the artifact as that is a huge environmental problem, but you have the freedom to choose the topic/artifact. Please call or text me if you have any questions.


Here are some key subfields in rhetorical theory to guide you in choosing a critical theory. You will obviously want to narrow your topic/focus from there. The easiest way to do this is to choose a single text/scene/line that you think will provide something interesting to highlight with your theory. (Example: considering Winnie the Pooh from an animal rhetorics perspective might suggest a new way of reading the book that most people haven’t considered.) Environmental Rhetoric Animal Rhetorics Object-Oriented Ontology (the rhetoric of things) Ambient Rhetoric Rhetoric and Evolutionary Theory Rhetoric and Agency (a la Carolyn Miller) Environmental Risk Rhetoric Environmental Health Rhetoric Rhetorical Analysis of Environmental Writing (under any appropriate paradigm, such as neo-Aristotelian or Marxist rhetoric) Actor-Network Theory (as it applies to environments and agents; see Bruno Latour)

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