Hi tutor. So, I want to know how to create the data into R from the table below. This is for Logistic Regression.

Smoking and MotherhoodDoes a mother’s smoking during pregnancy put a new-born baby at a higher risk ofdeath? Does a mother’s age increase the baby’ s risk of death? Full term Full termdied in 1st ear alive in 1st ear Young —__— mother Non 24 4|] 1 2Smoker aldermother Non 1 4 1 594-Smoker a. Euiid a mode! to determine if smoking increases a baby’s risk of death.Interpret the estimate of smoking in your model. b. Estimate the odds of a mother smoking among the babies that died to the odds ofa mother smoking among the babies that lived in the 13t year. Confirm yourresults by hand. c. is there an association between a mother’s smoking and an increase risk of death?Explain. d. Euiid a modei to determine if a mother’s smoking and a mother’s age increases ababy’s risk of death. interpret the estimate of smoking and mother’s age in _…_.._….._….J..’I