This assignment is an analysis essay of 2 FULL pages minimum (FULL means your essay will go into the third page). Select a song that you like which has interesting lyrics and is clearly within a specific musical genre. Also, make sure the lyrics have enough depth so that you have something to analyze. It is a good idea to choose a song that yields itself to one of the interpretation angles discussed in class on 9/5 since such an approach encourages a more focused analysis from the start. I would recommend you stay away from songs that are simply patriot; very long; too simple, with little to say and rely mostly on melody or musical arrangement and repetition; or part of a musical or a play in which the song then becomes a part of a larger story. The assignment should be presented in MLA style, with the Works Cited page included. Also, remember to include in-text citations when you cite the lyrics. Use the word line(s) in the first reference (lines 21-22) and the line numbers alone in subsequent references (34-36). If you are quoting more than one line of the lyrics, separate the lines with a slash. Consult page 182 (“Poems”) in Bedford for additional guidelines. For example: In the opening lines of her sadness-ridden saga of the love passed, Adele softly implores, “Hello, it’s me / I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet” (lines 1-2). In your introduction, give the song’s title (in quotation marks), the writer of the song (which could be several people), and the major performers of the song (which could be an individual or group), and the date of the song’s release (if known). It is also a good idea to discuss the popularity of the song or the song’s performers and its historical and cultural context. Remember to include a strong thesis statement—your central interpretive claim about the song that you will attempt to prove in the rest of your essay. Your body paragraphs will develop and substantiate your clearly-stated thesis statement. Remember to use textual evidence that is properly integrated and well-documented. Your conclusion will wrap up your essay by re-emphasizing its main points and answering the so-what question (in other words, show why your topic matters). Submission:

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