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Write an essay (of around 750 words) that critiques one text you have found in your research as part of the ongoing semester research project.

The main goal of this critique is to provide a detailed review of that text to help your audience learn about your position on the writing selection and also to help your audience decide for themselves whether or not the writing selection is something they might be interested in reading.

The critique should include all of the following:

an introduction that names the text being critiqued, and author(s)
a brief summary of the text
a brief evaluation of the text
a detailed explanation of at least three reasons why this text has value to you/your thesis

develop each one in its own paragraph, explaining one specific takeaway that you believe could be used to support your thesis
final impression
Textual evidence should be incorporated into the critique essay. Refer to Content >> Guide A: Using and Citing Sources as needed.




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