essay my ideal vacation 2

Since my senior ear in high school, when I took a Holocaust class, have been anxious to see the historic markings that were left behind. Therefore, my first Stop would be the Auschwitz, the concentration camp. My second stop would be touring the city of Germany. There are many wonderful sights to see like Berlin, the capital city. Seeing the huge building in person would be awesome, especially at night the way the lights shine on the building.

Another reason in my choice of Germany would be to learn their culture. I would start by going to a German pup and getting click wasted until I can dance as the Germans do. Next I would take a trip up to mountains and visit the yodels, buy an outfit and yodel. The last thing I would do before I left would be to drive a car on the opposite side of the road, with no speed limit on the autobahn. The diets of the Germans consist of many strange things such as meat pies, bratwursts, pretzels, and sauerkraut.

Many of these foods would e a joy to make. None of these sound good, but I would be willing to try them. Germans do have interesting tastes, many which I did not mention. Might just bring some of them home! I can hardly wait till my actual trip to Germany! Would like to go to many places all around the world, but Germany would be my first choice, because of their history, culture, and food. I might even be able to learn to speak some of the German language.

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