Essential skills are the skills that people need for work, learning and life. They are used in the community and the workplace, in different forms and at different levels of complexity.”  Government of Canada 

Essential skills include numeracy, working with others and continuous learning. This assignment requires you to write an 800 to 1,000 word exploration reflection and plan for ONE of the following three options aligned to an essential skill:

Option One: Money

Option Two: Health

Option Three: Leadership and Purpose

There are four steps to this assignment:

1. Review your Discovery Wheel from Week Two for the essential skill option you have chosen (e.g., Money, Health, or Leadership and Purpose). Based on the review of your Discovery Wheel, determine two key goals you would like to achieve in the chosen essential skill area over the next year.    

2. Conduct secondary research for the essential skill you have chosen aligned to the two goals you would like to achieve over the next year using six sources from the following:  

Three relevant articles form the course textbook – Becoming a Master Student;

Three sources from each of the following aligned to the essential skill option you have chosen:

Option One: Money –

Option Two: Health –

Option Three: Leadership and Purpose –  

3. Write an 800 – 1,000 word Essential Skills Exploration Reflection and Plan with these key sections:

Introduction – This should identify the essential skill option chosen, provide a brief recap of your review of your Discovery Wheel and name the two goals you have selected for the essential skill option chosen. 

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