Project stage Minimum Evidence Requirements Stage 3 — Evaluating Provide an evaluation report of 500–750 words relating to the effectiveness of all parts of the investigation or implementation. The evaluation must include: 1 An assessment of the extent to which each of the original objectives of the project have been met. This should include reference to any modifications made during the course of the project and to any alternative courses of action considered but rejected. The assessment should be supported with credible reasons. 2 A commentary on aspects of the planning and developing stages which worked effectively and why, and/or aspects of the planning and development stages which did not work as effectively as expected. Each aspect of the project should be covered in the commentary. 3 An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the activities of each of the first two stages of the project. Identify what could have been done to improve the presentation and interview. This should be supported by credible reasons and cover at least one strength and at least one weakness as well as outline the effectiveness of the mentoring process. 4 Recommendations for future projects. These should be based on items 1–3 above and could relate to the personal development of the learner (eg in terms of the further development of skills used in this project) or aspects of the process or product of the project (eg with respect to setting timescales, gathering information or possible future projects). It should be clear from the recommendations that the learner has reflected on what happened and has drawn conclusions from this reflection. The Evaluation is worth 10% of the marks. The learner must achieve all of the minimum evidence specified above in order to pass the Evaluating Stage. 

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