Your individual submission should be in the form of a portfolio submitted online, which should contain the following sections (see next pages for details):

PART 1: 1a and 1b

PART 2: 2a and 2b




PART 1 (accounts for 40% of the marks awarded)

Your individual analysis (with supporting evidence) of aspects of the nature of the business model your group creates, and the collective cognitive and problem-solving processes of business model design that your team experienced.

Part 1 should be no more than 800 words in total: 200 words for section 1a, and 600 words for section 1.b.

You should use (and reference) the following specific concepts:

1a. Your summary evaluation of where the business model innovation discussed in your group might be plotted on Verganti’s matrix (see diagram below), through a consideration of:

whether the changes represented in the business model are essentially radical or incremental in nature and

the degree to which the innovative aspects of the model are driven from technologies (“technology push”), market needs (“market pull”), or from the “design” perspective (from the re-thinking of user experience). (200 words)






According to your summary evaluation, show on a diagram of Verganti’s matrix where you would plot the business model.




1b. To what extent does the overview of the creative climate of your team provide an explanation of how and why your group process led to the type of business model innovation mapped above? (600 words)


PART 2 (accounts for 60% of the marks awarded)

Your individual critical evaluation of the new business model and its ability to create and deliver the value proposition in a competitive market place; in two main sections 2a and 2b:

Part 2 should be no more than 1,500 words in total:

600 words for section 2a, and

900 words for section 2.b

2a.An individual evaluation of the business model’s capability to create and deliver the value proposition as developed by your team, in a competitive marketplace. To do this, you will need to:

i.   Derive appropriate critical success factors (CSFs) from the value proposition (the detailed derivation can be included in the appendices)

ii.         Create a table (see format below) to evaluate whether, in retrospect, you personally consider the business model can fulfil the CSFs required. 

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