Event analysis

 Your faculty advisor knows you’re interested in event planning and has asked you to help the Florida Chapter the Herpetology International Students Society (HISS) plan their international convention that will take place in Orlando in January 2020. Where do you start? Your advisor knows the Orlando Chapter President who has no clue how to plan and host the international meeting Upon contacting the Orlando HISS Student Chapter President, you learn the following… HISS is an international society of herpetology students. They get together once a year for a weekend convention, usually in tropical locations. The conference provides herpetology students current, interactive experiences with international herpetology experts and networking with other herpetology students. You learn from the local contact (Orlando Student Chapter) who attended last year’s meeting in Belize, that attendees would expect: –An internationally recognized, motivational herpetologist for the dinner gala speaker. –Seminars on internet technologies for international herpetology collaboration. –Current issues and trends in herpetology research. –The society’s goal is to promote herpetology careers, educational opportunities, and to motivate herpetology students. –They’re not sure how many attended and they don’t have much budget information. They remember paying a $350 registration fee for the weekend in Belize. Since this needs analysis is not complete, you’re first task is to complete the needs analysis. For this activity, Describe/discuss how you would conduct a needs analysis, What other information do you need to determine the feasibility of planning this event. What other questions would you ask? (10 points; graded as 10-got it! 5-attempted partial credit or 0-missed it or didn’t attempt.) From the information given above, develop one well-written goal for the convention. (5 points, graded as 5-nailed it! or 0 missed it or didn’t attempt.) From the information given here, develop at least three (3) well-written SMART objectives (10 points, graded as 10-nailed it!, 5 for attempted but missed the mark or 0-didn’t attempt or way off and should re-read and get it right next time.) For this activity, submit your needs analysis questions (what you need to know before you decide the event is feasible,) your goal(s) and objectives in a MSWord document, Pdf document.

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