Examine Botticelli’s work, “La Primavera” and Piero della Francesca’s painting “Flagellation”.

Based on our Module Material, how do these paintings exemplify Renaissance ideals? What do you think these painting meant to their intended audience? Who commissioned them and why? Botticelli’s “Primavera” Image result for botticelli primavera Piero della Francesca’s “Flagellation” critique of this: Botticelli’s “Primavera” pays tribute to renaissance ideals by following the traditional storytelling and symbolism present in the painting. This particular painting was commissioned for a wedding of one of the Medici family. The figures present are Venus, Cupid above, Mercury to the far left, the three women in the middle are The Three Graces symbolizing Chastity, Beauty, and Love and lastly, the three figures to the right of the painting are Zephyrus the West Wind taking Chloris as his own and she becomes Flora. The painting is full of messages such as springtime, renewal, and fertility. The Flagellation by Piero de la Francesca on the other hand uses the one point scientific perspective along with more symbolism and interpretations. The Three figures on the right represents two men facing each other who have lost their sons to the Black Plague and the figure in red in the middle represents their sons. The rest of the figures are a depiction of the scene of Christ’s flagellation. Something that is present is the statue of Constantine in bronze and Christ standing in contraposto. This painting represents the suffering of the church just as Christ suffered from flagellation.

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