1. Examine (closely consider) and explain the principles of agency theory, including the issues that it addresses. Argue in support of 3 effective ways to deal with agency problems. as implied or stated by agency theory. Further illustrate your answer by giving concrete examples.
2. Assess (judge the importance of) each of the three basic directional strategies in the context of a hypercompetitive market. Further illustrate your answer by giving concrete examples.
3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover or a follower in a high-tech industry. Argue in favor of the strategy that you think is preferable.
4. Business ethics are concerned with generally accepted principles of right and wrong governing the conduct of businesspeople. Illustrate (make clear by giving solid examples) 3 examples of unethical decisions that businesspeople have made. Further evaluate these examples by applying a framework or theory that you learned in the course or from your own research.

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