Overview: When giving your opinion about a book, you are making a claim about that book. You are arguing your point of view, usually in an effort to convince your audience [friend, neighbor, family member, classmate, etc.] to agree with your opinion; however, your claim DOES NOT become an evaluation unless you apply specific standards of judgment [called criteria] to your evaluation. Purpose of Essay: Using 3-4 selected criteria, you will compose a college-level essay based on the novel Exit West to be [hypothetically] submitted to Chaffey College’s student newspaper The Breeze, evaluating the text in order to persuade Chaffey College students who have NOT read the novel to agree with your opinion. Possible criteria for evaluation may include [but is NOT limited to] the following: use of figurative language [similes, metaphors, personification, etc.], use of dialogue, use of symbolism, description of scenes/events, a prevalent theme[s], a character[s], foreshadowing, magical realism [Nadia and Saeed’s destinations through the doors], “cut scenes”, role of narrator, relevancy to today’s society, etc. **think about both the style and content of the novel when choosing criteria**

Deadlines: Dates for proposal, prewriting charts, rough draft [**missing peer review workshop will result in a 10% reduction of your final draft grade], revised draft, and final draft are listed on the course schedule Required Format: Essays must be typed, at least 3 full pages in length [not to exceed 5 full pages], and follow strict MLA guidelines for formatting the paper and citing your source: heading, header, double-spaced [no extra spacing between paragraphs], 1” margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, in-text citations, and a Work Cited page Audience: Chaffey College students who have NOT read the novel Exit West Evaluation Criteria:  includes a “scholarly” title that hooks the reader’s interest  includes an engaging introduction section that successfully guides the reader to the thesis  includes a clear, concise thesis statement that could include the following: title & author of the novel + target audience + your opinion of the novel + specific criteria to support opinion [**in any order**]  paper reflects intense audience analysis; need to be willing to critically re-read the novel  includes appropriate criteria for a book review that supports your opinion and persuades target audience  includes 1-2 pieces of supporting evidence for each criterion. Evidence includes examples, scenes, quotes, etc. from the novel [“shows” doesn’t tell by including descriptive language to re-create the details of the novel for the target audience]; avoid needless plot summary

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