Culture and Globalization

Read the following issue brief:

Part 1

Share your thoughts and ideas on this week’s discussion forum prompts in a couple of paragraphs.

  • Be sure to cite any resources that you use in APA format.  Direct quotes should not be used in discussions.

From our assigned readings this week, consider the case of Samir Moussa. After reading his story please share how his life illustrates both the tension between local culture and globalization and the opportunities afforded by globalization. Please provide examples from the story and compare with your own experience.

  • Explain how the spread of the American political and economic models have impacted cultures.
  • Identify other cultural challenges that have arisen due to globalization.

Part 2

Protecting Culture

In this week’s readings, you learned about how culture is preserved—such as through language and value systems. Now, it is your turn to reveal how your culture is being kept alive in Grenada west indies. How do you rightfully preserve your cultural identity, through food ( national dish is oil down), traditions, language , values, or perhaps in some other aspect?

Furthermore, take a moment to reflect and express how cultural traditions have changed in your region, due to globalization. You can compare yourself(I am a female) to your parents’ or even grandparents’ generation.

The journal entry should be about a page in length.  If applicable, be sure to cite any resources you use to support your learning journal.

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