Explain the government auditing system (Internal auditing in government) in the US and its challenges? A. Explain the government auditing system in the USA • The Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) B. Describe the current government auditing challenges in the USA C. What are the challenges of government auditing and corruption control? D. How can technology improve the government auditing in the USA? E. Describe how current government auditing is legging behand the development of current public auditing practice in the USA Question 2 out of 4 Write a min. of 10 pages What is continuous auditing? A. Explain continuous auditing B. What does the differentiate continuous auditing from traditional auditing? C. Explain continuous auditing benefits D. Explain how continuous auditing changes the nature of the audit • As internal control monitoring and transaction data testing are used on a continuous bases to evaluate management’s assertions instead of performing manual internal control and substantive detailed testing periodically E. Give examples of applying continuous auditing methodology from recent research

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