This module will be assessed by two 1,500 word assignments (each 50 per cent of total). The assessment is designed to enables students to demonstrate knowledge relating to the learning outcomes as set out in this module handbook. For example, each assignment title is constructed so that a good answer will be able to incorporate information from across the module, rather than from a single lecture or seminar session. Each essay should have a clear structure, with an introduction setting out the aims of the assignment. The body of the essay should contain information of specific relevance to the assignment topic. A critical approach is encouraged. Answers should cite the work of appropriate authors, who must be referenced. Secondary citation, where students have not read the original work, should be made clear, for example, ‘Miller (2001) cited in Armstrong (2009)’. Students are encouraged to include their own ideas/opinions providing they are part of a reasoned argument and fully supported by facts, figures, references, etc. The conclusion should draw together the argument set out in the text. A substantial bibliography, reflecting the reading done for the essay, will be expected. Assessment 1 To be handed in electronically via TurnitIn Week 7

1. Does the British party system serve the democratic political system well? How, if at all, might reform enhance the functioning of the party system? 2. To what extent have the main British parties been factionalized organizations throughout their history? Answer with respect to one party. 3. What has happened to the political centre in British party politics? 4. Why do minor parties struggle to gain parliamentary seats? 5. Explain the rise and fall of UKIP? 6. Do British political parties still need or want members? If so, why? If not, why not? 7. Assess the strength of the argument that the United Kingdom now has a multiplicity of party systems at multiple levels of government

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