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Discussion Post: . . . Parents have been granted broad authority for disciplining their child throughout history in the United States of America, provided that the discipline is done in a reasonable manner. Assume that you are sitting in a coffee shop and you start a conversation with the person sitting at the next table over. The person at the next table noted that you have a juvenile law course textbook and they ask, ” what are you currently studying in that course.” You indicate to them that this week you are discussing child abuse and the legal response to child abuse as a social problem. . . . Your coffee shop neighbor says, “discipline took a hit when parents can no longer spank their kids!” Now, based on the readings you want to share your knowledge of the topic with your coffee shop table neighbor. . . . Explain to them how child abuse is defined in jurisdictions across the United States. Tell them how child abuse statutes have been attacked and what the judicial response has been to it. As well, be sure to discuss things like those persons that have a mandatory duty to report child abuse and any prospective civil liability that may occur for failing to report child abuse when one has a mandatory duty to do so. . . . For this assignment, please engage the prompt and state, I will advise my neighbor that……” you may also use external sources, provided they are cited correctly in APA 7th edition. . . . . MUST BE MORE THAN 400 WORDS.

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