ITSM is one of the key functionalities for organizations and allows organizations to achieve higher
customer satisfaction, reduce delivery time, and provide service support as per customer
requirement. In this assignment, students need to explore various aspects of ITSM in an
organisation or a company that provides IT services and explain how ITSM can enhance
business proposition. Examples could be Department of Education and Training, Department of
Health and Human Services, Department of Jobs, Amazon, and HP, IBM , Verizon.
The aim of this assignment is to
• Engage students with ITECH7400 material from Weeks 1 to 8;
• Encourage students to conduct independent investigation into related topics from books,
the Internet, and through practical investigation.
• Understand what service management means and how it is applied in practice;
• Evaluate a practical case with respect to service management best practices;
• Understand how the services create business value in a practical case;
• Understand how the service management could be developed and enhanced in practice;
• Plan and implement service management improvements in practice.

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