There are two (2) written assignments to be completed in this course: The Mid-Point Assignment, and the Final Assignment. These two assignments are described in detail below. Please be aware that all University Codes of Student Conduct and the principles of academic integrity apply to these assignments. In particular: 1. You must always distinguish your own creations, ideas and wording, from any information (words, ideas, images, etc.) you have quoted or paraphrased from another source. You are expected to clearly show which ideas are your own, and which ideas (images, words, phrases, etc.) you are quoting or paraphrasing from another source. For direct quotations where you use information that is taken word-for-word from another source, quotation marks or block quotes should be used. 2. You must cite ALL sources used with a University-accepted citation style such as APA. These assessments are to be completed individually; collaborating or consulting other people while completing this assignment is a serious academic offence Please submit your assignment files via the eClass assignment submission tool. For a detailed tutorial on how to use on this tool, please see the help files provided in the eClass Orientation website. 

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