INSTRUCTIONS FOR NARRATIVE RESEARCH PROJECT: You are to interview a family member, preferably a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle – someone who is at least 40 years older than you are. See below for guidelines in conducting an interview and a list of questions you may wish to ask your relative – not all of them! The guidelines are long and somewhat repetitious, so take from them what you need in order to do a great job on this assignment.

For this project, you are to apply the data you acquire from your relative to the readings in the textbook. For example, if your relative has been divorced, relate information from Chapter 14. If your relative talked about being abused or the victim of domestic violence, relate that to the information in Chapter 13.

Specifically, select at least five (5) separate life experiences your relative spoke about and relate them to at least five textbook chapters … as they relate to each life experience. You are to also bring information from Chapter 10 into each experience, where appropriate.

Please also feel free to bring in any other readings noted in the classroom, but these are to be in addition to at least three (3) cites from the textbook for each life experience.

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