Figure 1 shows that a soldier is rescuing an injured companion and carrying it off the
mountain using a rope. The weight of the soldier is 65 kg, while his injured
companion has a weight of 60 kg.
a) Draw the free body diagram of the soldiers and the rope.
[3 Marks]
b) If the slope of the mountain = 25, while the angle of the rope = 45,
determine the tension of the rope and the reaction force exerted on the soldier.
[10 Marks]
c) If the maximum tension that can be withstand by the rope is 1500 N,
determine the maximum weight of the injured companion that the soldier can
carry for a similar situation as in (b).
[10 Marks]
d) Predict and explain whether the tension in the rope will be increased or
decreased when the mountain slope (?) become steeper and the angle of the
rope remained similar as in (b).

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