Film by Timothy Corrigan


Write an essay of approximately 2500 words on a topic related to the study of film as an art form. The essay will be evaluated on thematic content but also structure, organization, grammar, spelling, research and proper (MLA) citation. Here are some topics for you to consider: The work of a particular film director The analysis of a particular National Cinema (in a specific time period – i.e. French film in the 1930s) Analysis of a particular film genre (again limiting yourself to a particular time period would be useful – i.e. American Horror films of the 1930s) Documentary films Animation Experimental films The Hollywood Studio System of Production Analysis of a single film (one not seen in class) Any other topic (pending approval by your Professor) Recommended reading:

A Short Guide to Writing About Film by Timothy Corrigan (any edition). The Scott library has several copies on reserve and in the stacks. This assignment requires that you submit a 2 page outline to you professor for approval. This outline should include a thesis statement, a summary of your main points and a bibliography with at least 8 citations of an academic nature. Failure to submit an outline will result in the non-acceptance of your essay. 

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