Begin your essay by establishing the immediate narrative context: What is going on in the film at this precise moment? Next, identify the most conspicuous elements of the still and discuss how they can enhance our interpretation of the film. Which aspects of mise-en-scène (composition, lighting, costume, set design, camera angle, etc.) draw our attention and why? What is the significance of these specific elements for the film as a whole? The discussion should make broader reference to the sequence from which the still is selected in order to account for camera movement as well as movement within the frame. Draw on Nochimson and the additional readings to enhance your discussion. Be sure to have the sequence available to you through the Kanopy service on the Bata library website. A link is provided on the course page in Blackboard. Assessment of your essay will assume that you have had access to the film while working on the assignment. In other words, do not rely on your recollection.

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