Step 1              Refer to the file titled on Titanium MidTerm#2PartTwoChoices

Step 2              Choose two topics (total) for which you will conduct internet research.  Be sure the choices come from two different chapters. 

Step 3              Conduct internet research that identifies at least 2 websites for each topic that discuss or involve the topic you have chosen.  Include a last page for your website references (at least 4 websites) and format them in APA style.   See the document that describes how to format.

Step 4              Write a paragraph of at least 8 sentences for each topic summarizing what the websites show related to your topic.  Be sure to supply citations in the paragraph (in APA format) that refer to the websites you have found.  Avoid using quotes as these will NOT count toward the 8-sentence minimum.  When you finish this assignment, you will have two topics.  For each topic you will have at least 2 websites you researched.  For each topic you will have at minimum of 8 sentences to summarize the websites.  This means you will have two topics with two websites each with one paragraph of 8 sentences minimum for each topic.   Minimum:   2 topics, four websites, 2   8 sentence paragraphs, reference page in APA format

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