Financial Statements and Ratios

 Develop your current financial statements for one year (if your business hasn’t started yet, develop a statement of financial position based on your estimates) and calculate financial ratios: Cash Flow Statement in spreadsheet format Income Statement in spreadsheet format Balance Sheet in spreadsheet format Evaluate your current financial status based on your financial statements. How do you stand, financially? How does it align to your goals? What recommendations do you have for your business? Select two different financial ratios discussed in your readings, calculate the two for your business, and complete the following in a narrative: What does the result of each ratio tell you about your business? What augmentations can you make to improve the results? Ensure you show your calculations *NOTE: Do NOT submit 3 separate spreadsheets. You can have multiple tabs within one spreadsheet. Minimum 1 spreadsheet with 3 tabs (one for each financial statement) Minimum 2 pages narrative APA format for narrative

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