first days at university

It is hard to believe that I am studying at the most prominent university to the South of Viet Nam – Ho Chi Minh Foreign Trade University. Just having a short time here but I have had many memories that never can I forget them. It is on August 27th, 2012 that I first went to my university. The impression of the first day completely made my heart miss a beat. I surprised because my university is not as large as I had expected. My university is a small block which is combined with two wings. One is called block A and the other is block B.

Not only is the campus small but the parking space for students is also overcrowded sometimes. Despite lacking of land for more constructions, my university has its own distinguished features that are dissimilar to any other universities . So it is highly commendable that my university can seat as many as more than 4000 thousands students each years. I take pride in my university for their reputation as being the most suitable place for teaching and learning economics in Viet Nam. Ftuers are every active , smart and energetic.

They not only have genius for studying but they are also excellent at soft skills to an extent that society should highly appreciate. In addition, Ftuers are also outstanding at other fields unrelated to their major such as: ability to hold event, marketing skills , singing, model fashion , etc … That makes ftuers different from the others, makes my university more and more prominent than ever. I used to be strickened with fear that study at university is very stressful. I would have to learn on my own way. Teachers and Professor are the tutors who teach us the study techniques in the new environment.

But how well I manipulate them depends on me. Moreover, I have to partake in more extra-curricular activities than before so as to get more experience for my future job. For this reason, I would be under stressure when I study at university. In fact, fortunately, everything is not terrible as I had thought. Teachers and professor are friendly, conscientious and devoted to their students. So I didn’t face with many troubles when start off studying here. I am earnestly grateful for my teachers and professors so far. I am lucky to have chance to meet and make friend with many other students coming from different provinces.

Some of them even come from Ha Noi, Thai Binh, Nghe An, Hue , Da Nang … those places are very far from Ho Chi Minh city and I am excited everytime they told me about their hometown. My friend are so kind as to help me do assignments and always stand by me when I am in troubles. Overall, Studying at Foreign Trade University is my best choice and I think It is the same with other ftuters. I am making effort to achieve more good result when I am studying here and try to bear in mind the memories that never in my life can I enjoy them again. From the bottom of my heart, just one word I want to say: “ I love FTU”

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