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Write a function named “shift_right” that takes as its arguments the following:(1) an array of floating point values;(2) an integer, call it “left”, that tells the leftmost cell of the part of the array to be shifted;(3) an integer, call it “right”, that tells the rightmost cell of the part of the array to be shifted;(4) a positive integer, call it “distance” that tells how many cells to shift by.The function should make sure that left is less than or equal to right, and that distance is greater than zero. If either of these conditions fails, the function should return the value 1 to indicate an error.Otherwise it should shift by distance cells the contents of the array cells with subscripts running from left to right. Thus, for example, if the array passed to the function looks like this:
and if left has the value 3 , right has the value 7 , and distance has the value 2 , then the function should shift the contents of cells 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , and 7 to the right by 2 cells, so that when the function returns, the array will have been changed so that it looks like this:The question marks in cells 3 and 4 indicate that we don’t care what numbers are in those cells when the function returns. Note that the contents of cells 8 and 9 have changed, but the contents of cell 10 is unchanged. The function need not take any precautions against the possibility that the cells will be shifted beyond the end of the array (the calling function should be careful not to let that happen).

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