Overview During this course, we only scratch the surface of many important topics. The final paper requires you to go deeper into one of the energy-related topics from the course and tell us what you learned. Selecting a Topic You are encouraged to pick an energy topic that is related to your major. For instance, if you are a policy major, your final paper might focus on some policy aspect of a course topic. If you are in business or economics, your paper might focus on the business or economic aspect of energy. If you are in marketing, your paper might focus on a marketing issue related to renewable energy. If you are in dentistry – well, dentists use energy also.


There is no major or field of interest that does not have some tie to energy. If you have not yet chosen a major, no worries, think about what major or field you are most interested in and write about a related energy topic. General Criteria You have two options for this paper. The following requirements below apply to both options. Other criteria for the two options are found in the next sections. Energy: The topic MUST be related to energy! Your major: The paper topic should also be related to your major or field of study. Required structural elements: Each paper option has separate requirements for organization and content—see the following sections for specifics.

Paper length: The paper must be a minimum of 2000 words to get full credit. We will count off points for papers with less than 2000 words (3 points off for every 100 words missing). Papers with less than 1200 words will not be accepted. Sample papers: Sample papers are in Module 31 of the course Canvas site. Late Submissions: Submit your paper on time! You will lose 5 points for each day your paper is late

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