*the reading material is only Chapter 9 P109-124 Put together an argument that is both a valid as well as sound argument concerning Free Will, Determinism and Compatibilism. The essay must be composed of three premises and a conclusion. For each premises you must provide evidence from our readings and either a movie we have watched in class (Butterfly Effect, The Stanford Prison Experiment, or the Experimenter (on Milgram), or outside research you have conducted. Papers in this range demonstrate a thorough and exceptional understanding of the reading. There are clearly stated thee premises and a conclusion and argument is essay is both valid and sound. It goes well beyond the partial understandings achieved in class discussions, and often there are insights or approaches to the readings and movies that surprise. The essay offers new ways of understanding the readings and movie we watched. Quotations are well woven into the essay. Evidence and supporting material well-argued and arranged.

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