Full tip – if no plagiarism, and accurate answers. Please no

Full tip – if no plagiarism, and accurate answers. Please note, Exercise 6.4 – this requires TWO diagrams (one conceptual view and one process view diagram) for each.On Exercise 7.2, the use case diagram requires SIX possible use cases.See below:Exercise 6.1: When describing a system, explain why you may have to start the design of the system architecture before the requirements specification is complete.Exercise 6.4: Draw diagrams showing both a conceptual view and a process view of the architectures of the following systems:A ticket machine used by passengers at a railway station.A computer-controlled video conferencing system that allows video, audio and computer data to be visible to several participants at the same time.A robot floor-cleaner that is intended to clean relatively clear spaces such as corridors. The cleaner must be able to sense walls and other obstructions.Exercise 7.2: Assume that the Mentcare system is being developed using an object-oriented approach. Draw a use case diagram showing at least six possible use cases for this system.I’ve attached a copy of what the Mentcare system is.

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