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Gang Violence Gang violence happens almost all over the world, mostly in big cities and the lower class places, also known as the ghetto. Lots of people dislike each other over stupid reasons. That’s how all this gang violence happened and got out of hand. Gang violence includes murder, kidnapping, robbery, and drug dealing. Ways to prevent this is to Increase police officers, provide programs, and create more strict laws. Gang violence Is one of the largest Issues in the United States.

Criminal street gangs are groups, clubs or organizations that acts together to commit gang crimes. This makes other people (individuals) to commit a gang crime also. Gang crimes includes murder, maiming, manslaughter, kidnapping, arson, and robbery, assault with dangerous weapons, carjacking, and distribution, stealing money, and setting off fire alarms. You may wonder why people would even want to join gangs. People Join gangs for various reasons. If we understand why people are Joining gangs we can do more to help stop them.

Most children are raised around gang infested areas. They grow into that thinking it’s the best way to live. Either family members or people they go to school with are in gangs. Everyone around is involved so they end up being involved also. Many gang members are kids who have not succeeded in school. They think that they have nothing to look forward to or they do not feel good about themselves. Gangs use children because they know that whatever the child under thirteen does, he or she cannot go to Jail.

Some people believe that the reason young people Join gangs Is a lack of support from their parents or guardians and encouragement in their families and schools. The government thinks more community programs are needed to prevent this problem. Children and teenagers view gangs as families that provide protection and acceptance; they feel as if they have nothing to lose if they go to Jail. Many teens or young adults that attend a program against gang violence influenced them to either leave their gang life or avoid It and now have families, Jobs, and careers.

Still they can be police targets Just for have being gang members In the past, living around them, or having tattoos. Here are a few ways to prevent gang violence in our community: caring, active, trusting and respectful adults in the lives of a lot of the youth even though most dull are over worked or tired and often poor. It will also take creative engagement, although most of the time creative programs are first to be cut out during a financial crisis. Jobs that won’t Judge a person’s splats and schools that Is small enough for the adults to care for each child.

Television programs also cause violence. All children see violent acts committed on television programs, films, videos, news broadcasts, and cartoons. Many children imitate the violent they see on television. For example, a child who watches “The Power Rangers” will most likely act violently since the harassers are always fighting. Some people believe that If we send more young people to the war In Iraq and and real genuine and healthy intervention would help. The school board thinks about sustained attention and urban peace plans embracing all members of the community including the gang members.

They think that we need more programs that talk to kids about past experiences, listen about what they are going through and to reach out. Hispanic youth drop out of school in greater numbers than any other group and are exposed or influenced to gang activity. Hispanic youth as young as nine years old re recruited into gangs and become involved in suck violent crimes as home invasion, robbery, battery, drug sales, and rape. Latin America and Mexico are creating an underclass in the United States. Most kids drop out of school because of gangs.

The government is highly debating if they should close the boarders and enforce immigration laws to prevent the gang crime and violence caused by the immigrants. Hispanic school dropout rates and teen birth rates are now the highest in the nation. Crime and single parenthood worsens the situation. The government concluded that gangs have been fully integrated into Hispanic youth culture. Even children not in gangs emulate their attitudes, dress, and self-presentation. Unaffiliated children fear traveling into unknown neighborhoods and sometimes drop out of school for lack of protection, these things scare adults.

For example, they may know who has been spray painting their garage but won’t tell the police for fear of what the consequences will be. To gang members, graffiti is a marking of territorial boundaries and serves as a warning or challenge to a rival gang. Hispanic gangs are taking over even in prison, where they clash with other gangs. This is creating a more vicious environment. Apologists state that the black crime rates are even higher which is true but irrelevant because the black population isn’t growing but the Hispanic immigration is raising rapidly.

Most immigrants come to the United States in hopes of finding a better life however many Americans oppose their arrival fearing that immigrants will form gangs and bring danger to American society. Clothing is an important element of the gang subculture certain colors and styles often act as signs of affiliation or challenge to other gang members. In a result of the colors innocent people not aware wearing gang style clothing have been attached ND sometimes killed.

School uniforms can help prevent that type of gang violence from happening at schools. When they are mandatory those who are gang members no longer stand out as different. Students who look neater tend to feel more self- confident and perform better in school. Gang clothing can cause fear, intimidation and uneasiness especially when recognized by the students. Crime and violence especially among young people and serious problems for America however, there are many effective ways for communities to organize to prevent crimes.

Communities can help by becoming aware of neglected or abused hillier and can provide role models and emotional support for children who might otherwise turn into gangs, also when residents develop community crime prevention programs for the police and alert local law enforcement of illegal activities such as drug deals, thefts and gang crimes. Crime and violence create dangerous streets that are roadblocks to the economy place. The dropout rate in inner-city schools are both a measurement and a major cause of the persistence of the gang subculture.

Studies have shown minority youth to be at higher risks of punishment than whites who have committed the same bad behavior. Violence is viewed as a social problem for the law enforcement and court system. It should also be viewed as a social problem for teacher, parents, principals, counselors, coaches, and everyone else in our society, here are many ways schools and parents can reduce school violence. Schools can add gang prevention and drug prevention programs, after school activities, and maybe even extend school hours. To offer a safe community, schools should also enforce identification cars.

This will help identify members keep individuals who don’t belong in a school away from it. Schools would remind students the consequences if violent acts are committed such as, suspension, detention, not being able to be involved in school activities or even being expelled from school. Violence is a behavior that is learned therefore, violence in our schools can come to an end if we all contribute to preventing it. It may never be possible that gangs and gang violence will be stopped completely. With help from the communities in every city and town it is possible to stop and decrease the number of gang members and gang-related crimes.

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