For the essay, you should have a thesis statement which should be an ethical stance that you would like to defend. In the body of the essay, as part of your defense of your thesis, you should consider 2 objections to your thesis and refute them or consider 2 alternative positions that support your thesis and show why your position does a better job of supporting your thesis than those positions. In general, the point is to show that you are not just stating your thesis, but thinking about ways that you can rationally defend it by either considering and refuting objections or considering other positions that support your thesis but showing why your position supports your thesis more adequately. If you want, you can refute one objection and consider one alternative position – just as long as you’re showing that you’re thinking through more than one possibility outside of the one that you want to defend. So for example, suppose you want to defend the claim that governments should put policies in place that guarantee that women get paid the same wages for doing the same work as men. Suppose you want to defend this from an egalitarian perspective: the reason such policies should be implemented is because it is morally wrong to pay women less than men just because they are women. An objection might be that governments have no right to enforce such policies since this would limit the liberty of the companies that would be affected, even if the companies would’ve done this out of their own free will. This would be an objection from a libertarian perspective. If you wanted to defend egalitarianism with respect to this issue, you’d need to refute an objection like this one. An alternative position that supports the same conclusion might be that paying women the same wages as men for the same work would increase average welfare, and that is why such a policy should be implemented. This would be a welfarist/utilitarian position, and you would have to show why egalitarianism supports the idea of such a policy more adequately than this welfarist/utilitarian position. The rubric is in the file below. Please follow all of the advice. Please use 2 direct quotations from the book “Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy, and Public Policy” by Daniel Hausman, Michael McPherson, and Debra Salz. Please use REPUTABLE RESOURCES ONLY and everyone can access.

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