For this speech, you will need to sell a product or a service using Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern. (attention, problem, solution, visualization, action) 1. This product can be an actual or made-up product and your audience are college students. (ABC’s “Shark Tank” show has some good ideas on their website.) 2. You will need to have 1-2 sources and your source will need to be cited in either the problem step and/or the solution step (and have it on your outline). 3. You will need to present a visual aid (picture) in the problem step and present your product in the solution step. 4. You will need 2 outlines with work cited page in using the correct format. Follow my outline example handout. 5. Your introduction will need to grab the audience’s attention and get them to believe that there is a problem in their life to get them to buy this product (In a big picture or general way). Don’t go into the specific problems until you get to your main point I. 6. Your conclusion will need 3 steps: Restate your strongest argument and let the audience know again why this product will be important to them; Action Step will tell the audience the cost, where to buy it, address, and just how they can actually use or get this product into their home; and Closing Step which will connect to your introduction/attention-getter. 7. You will need to apply the 3 persuasive appeals to your speech (ethos, pathos, logos).

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