Description Outline: Once you have sufficiently researched your topic, develop the following points in an outline format: I. Define the problem (nature, extent, significance, etc.). II. Describe the agent. III. Describe the condition (briefly). IV. Examine the above sources for data on morbidity and mortality in the selected health problem. V. Summarize these data on the distribution of the selected health problem according to the following factors using tables, graphs, or other illustrations whenever possible: A. Host characteristics 1. Age 2. Sex 3. Nativity 4. Marital status 5. Ethnic group B. Environmental attributes 1. Geographic areas 2. Social and economic factors a. Income b. Housing 3. Occupation 4. Education C. Temporal variation 1. Secular 2. Cyclic 3. Seasonal 4. Epidemic D. Any additional characteristic that contributes to an epidemiologic description of the disease VI. Summarize any current hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the observed distribution. VII. List the principal gaps in knowledge about the distribution of the health problem. VIII. Suggest areas for further epidemiologic research. IX. Critically appraise the data as a whole; consult primary sources and important original papers. Reference Page: For this assignment, you are required to provide at least 8-10 referenced sources (for the final presentation, you are required to have between 10-15 refereced sources). Sources should be published within the past ten years. Sources should be from governmental, peer-reviewed literature, or non-governmental (NGO) publications intended for a professional audience. The sources should exclude newspapers, lay magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, Web-M, or non-refereed Internet sources intended for the lay public. Sources of data that you should consider using in your exploration may include: • morbidity and mortality reports (vital statistics): World Health Organization and international reports; U.S., federal, state, and local annual and periodic reports • current literature on the selected health problem • reports of special surveys

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