This assignment is for a business management course. ASSIGNMENT/QUESTIONS: Write a 2-page paper (no shorter) discussing/answering the following two questions: (1) Read the attached article (file name: “HBR – 3 Things AI Can Already Do for Your Company.pdf”). Find and read more from other outside academic sources on the changes predicted by the authors of the HBR article to be coming in the future. Write about these changes, making sure to include the key business world implications drawn from these changes. (Hint: The changes are concerning artificial intelligence.)

Your answer should be a total of 300 words and should be a report on the real world application/interpretation of the attached article. How would a manager working in a bank respond to these changes in technology, specifically artificial intelligence? (These changes can be found in the attached reading.) (1 page) (2) Pick out three companies (Nike, Citibank, and Walmart) with some descriptions and explain their suitability in light of the goal for a concept-to-practice project (theory to application project). Write a 300-word justification and suggestion of why Nike, Citibank, and Walmart should be selected for your concept-to-practice project for a business management course. Of the three companies (Nike, Citibank, and Walmart), which company do you believe is best for the Concept-to-Practice project and why? Why is one company better than the others for your concept-to-practice project? (1 page)

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