HCS 596 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment

HCS 596 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Sustainability Analysis

Use your completed analysis outlines, along with instructor feedback, to complete your analysis.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word analysis of sustainability in the health care industry. In your analysis, include

  • how sustainability has changed, and is changing, health care.
  • the impact of technology on sustainable health care organizations.
  • how regulations impact sustainability in health care organizations.
  • how sustainability affects a health care organization’s interaction with their community.
  • the use of evidence-based decision making in health care.
  • the future benefits and challenges to sustainable health care organizations.

Use examples in your analysis.

The paper must be presented in APA format with a title and reference page.

Create a PowerPoint presentation which could accompany your analysis. The presentation must be a minimum 6 slides not including the title or reference slides.  The slides must have appropriate speaker notes.

There are (2) separate submissions for this assignment.  One is the 1400 to 1750 paper submitted in a Microsoft Word document, and the second is a slide presentation (of your paper) in a Microsoft PowerPoint document.

HCS 596 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Sustainability Analysis

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